Enjoy the latest dramas 6 months before they're aired on TV.

Introducing tonton, Malaysia's largest video streaming service. Get exclusive access to 36,000 hours of dramas (Malaysian, Asian and international), variety shows, films, telemovies, live events, and more on tonton VIP for just B$2/month, or for FREE if your monthly DST postpaid subscription is above B$55/month! 



Step 1
Download the 'tonton' mobile app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Step 2
Go to 'MENU' and click 'LOGIN' & proceed to the next page.

Step 3
Click on the 'CREATE MY ACCOUNT' button.



Step 1
Visit the tonton website at

Step 2
Click 'GET IT NOW' to proceed to the next page.

Step 3
Click 'SIGN UP FOR FREE' and create your account.

Step 4
Click the DST logo, click 'NEXT' and then click 'ACCEPT AND START WATCHING'.


+ What's tonton?

‘tonton’ is an online streaming service that offers non-stop entertainment comprising of a wide selection of the latest dramas, movies, programmes, LIVE telecasts, and shows whether they are in Brunei or Malaysia. ‘tonton’ offers the hottest Malaysian dramas up to 6 months ahead of Television broadcasts or before Television, exclusive access to view LIVE events and much more.

+ How much does tonton cost?

Get EXCLUSIVE access to ‘tonton’ for just B$2 for 30 days validity; BUT if you have a 4G PRIMA, 4G GO!Broadband and 4G Home Broadband with a rental of B$55 and above, we’re giving you FREE subscription to ‘tonton’!

+ Will data charges apply while watching tonton?

Yes. Data charges will still apply while streaming or downloading content from ‘tonton’.

+ How do I subscribe to tonton?

Please follow the steps to register above.

+ Can I stream or watch content on tonton on a different network?

Nope! ‘tonton’ is exclusively available ONLY for DST subscribers!

+ What happens when my 30-day subscription ends?

‘tonton’ subscription is auto-renewed every 30 days until you decide to opt out of the service.

+ How do I cancel my tonton subscription?

To unsubscribe from ‘tonton’, visit the ‘tonton’ portal or mobile application. If you unsubscribe while your subscription has not yet reached its 30 day cycle, you will automatically be unsubscribed in the next cycle.

+ Can I have more than one tonton subscription on the same DST number?

No, you can only have one active ‘tonton’ subscription per DST mobile/broadband number.

+ Can I log on to my tonton subscription simultaneously on different devices?

Yes, you can access 5 devices simultaneously using one ‘tonton’ account.