As part of our 23rd Anniversary celebrations, we surprised 23 people with $500 cash, with the help of our Instagram and Facebook followers. We asked them to nominate who they believed deserved the cash surprise, and picked 23 of the most deserving people from more than a thousand nominations.

* Due to some concerns raised on the privacy and security of some of the recipients, some video footage will not be made public.


Ammar Haikal

Ammar Haikal (9 years old), his two siblings (5 years and 19 months old) and his mother recently lost their father in a tragic accident last March 2018. The tragedy has left Ammar's family with ongoing struggles as his mother is currently unemployed while supporting her three children. Nominated by his teacher who has taught him since preschool, Teacher Faridah describes Ammar as a remarkable youg, bright student with a bright future ahead of him.


Our next Surprise Smile recipient is Sabariah, who was nominated by her daughter, Nurulaqilah. Despite having to face hardships and sacrifices, Sabariah has managed to stay strong and raise her children and grand children all by herself, always putting their needs first before hers.

Ampuan Salmiani

Ampuan Salmiani is a single mother who has been working as a janitor to support her family. Nominated by her son, Razis, he describes his mother as a hardworking mother who has been struggling for years to raise all her children with 5 currently dependent either unemployed or still in school.


Nominated by her husband, Vernidict, Cecilia has been through many tough challenges in life; one of them was finding out that her only child was diagnosed with a serious illness. Since then, she has become a dedicated mother who works from early in the morning until late at night with little rest, just so that she can provide the best treatments for her son.

Awang Yahaya

Awang Yahaya is a single father of two who never gave up raising and loving his children. Nominated by his daughter, Jashra Ammira, she describes her father as a humble person who has always put her and her brother first no matter how difficult the situation he is in. Despite all his struggles and hardships, he still manages to work hard and provide all the best for his children, even if he himself doesn't really get to experience the joys of living.

Siti Alda Nurjannah

Siti Alda Nurjannah, leads a hard life with her widowed mother and two younger brothers. Having lost her father 2 years ago, she has since helped ease the burden of her mother who has no fixed income, by preparing food every morning to be sold at shops before she goes to school. During her free time, she provides tuition for primary school students for extra income leaving little time for a pleasurable life. Despite these challenges, her teachers praise her positive progress in school where she works extra hard to improve her future in order to support her family.


Mizati was nominated by her co-worker Nur Hafizah, who has always observed her as a hardworking and positive person. Despite the hardships that she constantly faces in life, and the slim choices that she has to make, Mizati has never stopped smiling.

Puan Salmah

Our fourth recipient, Puan Salmah, a widower, was nominated by her daughter, Noor Maisurah. In Noor Maisurah's testimony, her mother deserved to smile after all the hardships and sacrifices that she faced to raise her children all on her own for over 20 years, putting their needs first before hers.

Siti Nuzul Aqma Zairiah

Our third recipient was Siti Nuzul Aqma Zairiah, who was nominated by her friend, Dayangku Zaahirah. Siti has experienced various traumatic hardships over the past 11 years, but has managed to work through them from such a young age.

Md Kamarredzwan

Our second recipient, Md Kamarredzwan, was nominated by his close friend, Dayangku Siti Nurnaqiah. She explained that the sudden diagnosis to his health has stopped him from being able to carry on with employment at a young age.


Nominated by his sister Noranisah, our first 'Surprise Smile' recipient was Zainal, who spends his days providing for his family while taking care of two family members who need around the clock special care.