Singapore and Malaysia Prepaid Data Roaming
Add-On Bundles

Frequently Asked Questions

+ What is Prepaid data roaming add-on service?

Singapore and Malaysia Prepaid data roaming add-on is a data roaming package that allows DST’s EASI Prepaid mobile subscribers to utilise data whilst roaming in DST’s selected roaming countries and mobile operators. This provides subscribers with the convenience of not needing to change their Sim Card.

+ What other requirements do I need in order to subscribe to data roaming add-ons?

You can purchase data roaming add-ons if you have a sufficient credit balance of the selected package. You may call DSTCare151 before your travel for assistance.

+ How do I subscribe to a Singapore and Malaysia Prepaid data roaming add-on?

Simply subscribe by dialing *110# where you will be directed to a menu of the available add-ons. Please refer to the provided steps prior to purchase.

+ How will I know if my purchase has been confirmed and is successful?

You will receive a flash message as confirmation of your data roaming add-on activation. To keep track of your balance and validity, you can dial *110#. Alternatively, we advise you to also screenshot the flash message to be kept as a reminder. An SMS will be sent to you confirming your purchase.

+ How long will I be able to use the data roaming add-on while being overseas?

Dependent on your purchased plan.Example: $35/3GB/6Day package validity is 144 hours after purchased, regardless of the time zone. If you purchased your data roaming add-on in Malaysia at 1 pm it will expire in the next 6 days by 1 pm Malaysia Time.

+ How do I activate my Data Roaming service?

Your Data Roaming service will be activated upon successful purchased of any available bundle.

+What will happen if my purchased bundle quota has depleted or expired?

Your Data Roaming service will be deactivated. However, you may re-purchase to continue using the service.

+ Can I purchase more than one bundle plan?

Yes, you can purchase more than one bundle plan. The bundle with closest expiry will be used up first. Example: 1st purchased bundle – Malaysia $25/3GB/3days on 1 Sept, 2019 expiring on 4 Sept, 2019. 2nd purchased bundle – Malaysia $4/250MB/1Day on 2 Sept, 2019 expiring on 3 Sept, 2019. The quota from the 2nd purchased bundle will be used up first until exhausted or expired

+ What if I can’t connect to the network carrier that I selected upon purchasing data roaming add-on?

We advise you to restart your handset and to manually re-select the preferred network and APN is correctly set as ‘dst.internet’. If the problem persists, please call DSTCare +6738987151 for further assistance.

+ How do I check the data balance of my Prepaid data roaming add-on subscription?

You may check your data balance by dialling *110#.

+ What number do I call if I encounter any problems while using the international service while abroad?

If you are overseas, please call DST Care 151 at +6738987151 (normal roaming charges apply).

+ For any further assistance with regards to data roaming add-on subscriptions, who may I contact?

You may contact DST Care 151 or visit your nearest DST Branch. Details of disputes need to be provided no later than 3 months after incident.