Request For Tender

Data Stream Technology (DST) invites relevant parties to participate in the following tender:


Tender For Supply, Delivery, Replacement, Installation, Testing and Commissioning Of New Compressor For Air Cooled Water Chiller At DST Headquarters

Tender Reference

Closing date & submission
Before and not later than 11am on Monday 27th May 2019

Eligibility Criterion
Vendor should have the experience of having successfully completed similar with the above works during the last 3 years.

Expected time of delivery of goods and services
63 Calendar Days upon issuance of LOA

Duration of services required
Once-Off Project Implementation Plan

Address of tender submission
The Chairman of Tender Committee
DST Headquarters
Jalan Tungku Link
Bandar Seri Begawan BE3619
Brunei Darussalam

Method of submission of tender
Delivered by hand into the Tender Box no later than above time and date.

Tender fee amount
BND150.00 [non-refundable fee] (The payment is to be made by cash). Payable prior to the release of the tender documents.

Date of Payment [non- refundable] fee and Collection of the RFT documentation
08 May 2019 till 24 May 2019 (during working days) From 9 am till 11am

Date of Tender Briefing
Monday 13th May 2019 @ 9am, DST Headquarters Tungku Link, Building 01.


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