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EASI Tourist Top Up

Easi Recharge Card Validity & Bonus Credit
Denominations Easi Recharge Card EasiLoad Validity Recharge Bonus Credit
Easi $2 2 Days N/A
Easi $5 7 Days + $0.80 bonus
Easi $10 15 Days + $2 bonus
Easi $20 35 Days + $5 bonus
Easi $40 75 Days + $12 bonus
Easi $100 300 Days + $32 bonus

*Regardless of the number of recharge made irrespective of any promotion that may
come with extended credit accumulation period that the subscribers may have
subscribed to, the credit accumulation shall not exceed the maximum of 300 days
at any one time.

*The bonus credit can be used for all local outgoing calls (DST-DST/ other local mobile operator/ landline), SMS (DST – DST/ other local mobile operator/ landline) and Data.