Enjoy The Lowest And Best Prima Postpaid Roaming Rates While on Haj and Umrah

Stay connected with your loved ones while on Haj & Umrah with our lowest and best roaming rates for calls, SMS and add-on data for PRIMA postpaid mobile!

Data Roaming Add-Ons

- Dial *410# & SEND to purchase. For detailed instructions on purchasing and frequently asked questions, please click here.
- Once you exceed your Prima Data Roaming Add-On package quota, you will be charged B$0.50/MB for subsequent usage.
- This service is only available to Prima postpaid mobile subscribers, who have their IDD & roaming services activated.
- Please select the MOBILY network while in Saudi Arabia.

Voice & SMS


Terms and conditions:
- All services (Outgoing calls, incoming calls, SMS) must be made in Saudi Arabia.
- Please select the ‘Mobily’ or ‘KSA stands with Sudan’ network while in Saudi Arabia.


Data Roaming Add-On Bundle Purchasing Guide


1) Prior to purchasing a data roaming add-on, and before leaving the country, please make sure that you have a credit limit of above B$100 and you must ensure that your IDD & roaming services are active. You may call DSTCare151 for further assistance.

2) Please ensure that your data roaming handset setting is turned OFF before purchasing a data roaming add-on.

3) Dial *410# to begin.

4) From the menu option, select (1) to purchase.

5) Select the roaming data add-on region list and then select (3) for Middle East).

6) Select the roaming country and then select (2) for Saudi Arabia).

7) Select your preferred mobile network operator of the country that you have selected, and then select (1) for Mobily.

8) Select from one of the available plans. (for example: select (1) $15 for 3GB for 10 Days).

9) Upon selecting the plan, press (1) to confirm your purchase.

10) You will receive a notification informing you of the add-on activation.

11) To check available data add-on allowance, dial *410#.

Important Notes:
- Any confirmed purchase cannot be cancelled or refunded.
We strongly advise you to keep track of your remaining balance and validity via*410# only.
- A SMS will also be sent informing you of your successful purchase of a data roaming add-on.
- Any remaining allowance will be forfeited upon expiry and any usage after add-on expiry will be charged at B$0.50/MB.
- You may purchase another add-on by repeating steps 3-9 to continuously use your remaining balance.

- Please make sure that you are only roaming with your preferred mobile network operator upon purchasing data roaming add-on. This is to prevent any charges outside the data roaming add-on bundle (data roaming prevailing charges)

Important Things To Remember
- Call DSTCare 151 to check if you have a credit limit of above B$100, and if your IDD & Roaming services is active. 
- Make sure your mobile device is data capable and compatible to use in the roaming country.
- Dial *402# to check your current usage balance prior to purchasing a data roaming add-on.
- Set your mobile carrier setting to ‘Manual’ Mode and constantly monitor the mobile network availability.
- Make sure your mobile device Access Point Name(APN) setting is 'dst.internet' while roaming.

- Switch ON your data roaming in order to use DST data roaming add-on (only switch on when you have successfully purchased a data roaming add-on)
- Make sure you are logged-on in the right network.


View Terms & Conditions for Data Roaming Add-Ons.

View Frequently Asked Questions.


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