How do I make Video Call?

You only have to dial the mobile number and press the “Video Call” button. Both parties must have a 3G handset and subscribe to a 3G Mobile.

Can I make Video Call with other Mobile Operator?

Yes, you can make video call to other mobile operator. The prevailing charges will apply.

While I am on Video Call, can I swap to Voice Call?

No, you have to terminate the video call before you can initiate the Voice Call.

Can I contact people who are not on a 3G network?

Yes, you can call or even send SMS to them; however, they cannot receive video calls.

What happens if I am in the middle of using Video Calls and leave the 3G coverage?

Your video calls will be dropped. Your network coverage will automatically be changed to 2G network; hence, you will not be able to make video calls.

Can I still make or receive Voice/Video Calls while accessing Data on my handset? Will I get disconnected?

Yes, the data service will not be disconnected, unless your browser has a time out which exits you when you are on voice call for a period of time.

Who can I make Video Call with?

You can make video call with anyone who is using a 3G SIM Card on a 3G handset.