What is the International SMS Bundle?

The International SMS Bundle is an add-on bundle package which includes fifty (50) International SMS.

How much does the International SMS Bundle cost?

The International SMS Bundle cost $5.

Who can subscribe to the International SMS Bundle?

Open for Easi subscribers only (excluding Easi Transit). Prima subscribers are currently not eligible for the International SMS Bundle.

When can I start subscribing to the International SMS Bundle?

You can subscribe to the International SMS Bundle starting from now until further notice.

How do I subscribe to the International SMS Bundle?

Step 1:  Type Step 2: Select the bundle option                                               Step 3: Select to subscribe
                 *117# 1> International    SMS bundle 1> Subscribe   Press 1 to subscribe
Once subscription is completed, you will receive the following message: 
Step 4: Upon successful subscription 
Thank you. Your International SMS Bundle subscription is successful.

What is the validity period for the International SMS Bundle?

Effective from 1st January 2016, the validity period for International SMS Bundle has been extended to fourteen (14) days.

How much savings can I enjoy with the International SMS Bundle?

You will enjoy a savings of 50% from your normal International SMS rate.

Description Amount paid for 50 SMS (B$) Equivalent to (B$/SMS) Normal rate (B$/SMS) % Savings
International SMS Bundle $5 $0.10 $0.20 x 50 SMS = $10 50%

Am I allowed to cancel my International SMS Bundle subscription and will a rebate be given?

Once you have successfully subscribed to the International SMS Bundle, no cancellation is allowed and no rebate will be given for any unused bundle SMS.

How can I check my remaining bundle SMS?

You can check it in your bonus bucket by typing *106#.

Sample of Message display


Valid until dd/mm/yyyy

I have sent out a long International SMS (more than 160 characters) to Malaysia. Will this be counted as one (1) or two (2) International SMS sent?

This will be counted as two (2) International SMS. Each SMS has a maximum of up to 160 characters.

Note: Certain mobile phones allow you to type in more than 160 characters without having you to open a new blank message. Although you have pressed “Send” only once, charges will be based on the number of SMS (maximum of 160 characters each) you have composed in total.

How much will I be charged for sending an International SMS once I have used up all the 50 SMS in my bundle?

Unless you have successfully re-subscribed to a new bundle prior to sending the International SMS, you will be charged at the normal rate of $0.20 per SMS for subsequent outgoing International SMS sent.

I have used up my entire bundle SMS before the bundle expiry date. Can I subscribe to the International SMS bundle again?

Yes, you can re-subscribe to the International SMS Bundle and continue sending International SMS at a discounted rate.

Is the International SMS Bundle subscription auto renewable?

No, subscription to the International SMS Bundle is not automatically renewed. Re-subscription can be done on the 15th day (after expiry) or when the bundle SMS have been fully utilized, whichever comes first.

Can I transfer my bundle SMS to another Easi subscriber?

No, the bundle SMS are not transferable.