When can DST customers start to enjoy free incoming calls?

DST customers can now enjoy better savings as DST announces the removal of incoming call rates for its Prima and Easi subscription plans effective from Sunday 1st March 2015.

Why has DST decided to remove the charges?

Part of our continuous effort to provide more value in our service offerings to our valued customers.

What benefit is this for the customer?

For our customers, the normal charges for local incoming call $0.20 per call are waived.

Is this applicable for all customers and call types?

The removal applies for both Prima and Easi customers on DST network. This applies for both voice and video calls.

It is applicable for all calls received from:

  • Prima customers.
  • Easi customers.
  • Landlines.
  • Other local mobile operator.
  • International numbers (IDD).

All incoming calls that utilize data will be charged at $0.01/200KB for example FaceTime, Skype, Viber, Line, etc.

While roaming, do I get charge for receiving calls?

Yes. Receiving calls while roaming is still subject to the prevailing roaming charges.

Can Easi customer receive incoming calls when they have no credit balance?

Yes. Customers will be able to receive incoming calls when they have zero credit balance provided they are within DST network.

Can PRIMA customer receive incoming calls when they have reached their credit limit or when their outstanding bill is overdue?

PRIMA customers can still receive incoming calls until their services have been fully barred.

How will this be reflected on my Prima bill?

As the removal of incoming calls charges commences on 1st March 2015, the bill statement for March 2015 will show any incoming calls charges incurred in February 2015.

Where can I find more information on this?

Customers who would like to seek further information on the above matter can inquire at their nearest DST Branch or contact our DST Care 151.