Stay Connected on Brunei’s
No.1 Tourist Sim

Enjoy the freedom to call, surf and text while you’re in Brunei! powered with the speed of 4G! Whenever you run out of credit, simply purchase an Easi recharge card and recharge!


EASI Tourist

Easi Tourist is Brunei’s #1 4G prepaid service that keeps you connected! The starter pack comes with a 4G sim card which you can grab at our DST Branch at arrivals. It exclusively available for foreign visitors/travelers entering Brunei Darussalam and will only cost you $15!  Once you activate your sim card, it will be available for 30 days, after which, it will automatically expire.


+ Who is eligible to register for the Easi Tourist Sim?

Our Easi Tourist is only applicable for foreign visitors / Inbound Roamers / Travelers coming into Brunei with non-Bruneian passports.The requirements include:

  • Being a foreign passport holder (non-Bruneian). Working VISA holders are encouraged to buy the standard Easi starterpack as the Easi Tourist will automatically expire after 30 days.
  • Being 12 years old and above to register.
  • Buying only one Easi Tourist SIM per passport holder.


+ 1. How much will it cost and what’s inside?

It will cost you only $15! Once activated, there will be 3GB free local internet (data) and $3 bonus credit valid for local voice and SMS, valid for 7 days upon activation.

+ 2. How long can I use the Easi Tourist SIM for?

Your sim card is valid for 30 days and will automatically expire after 30 days pass. During this period, you may top-up credit at any time to continue using the services available.

Staying in Brunei for more than 30 days? Buy our Easi prepaid starterpack! Find out more here.

+ 3. I want the Easi Tourist SIM! So how do I get one?

Once you’ve landed in Brunei, turn right at the arrivals and you’ll see our DST Airport branch! Our sales representative will be happy to assist you in the registration process.

If you’re in a rush and haven’t managed to get your SIM, don’t worry. You can still get one at any of our selected DST Branches or DSTIncomm stores stated below.

DST Airport Mall Branch

DST Yayasan Branch

DST Rimba Branch

DST Incomm The Mall Branch

DST Incomm Samsung Experience Store

DST Incomm Seria

Seek assistance from your travel agent or hotel for the location nearest to you. Don’t forget to bring your passport and travel documents with you.

+ 4. I’ve got my SIM! How do I activate it?

Activating your SIM is simple. Make your first call or text and your SIM should be good to go.

+ 5. What are the charges, pre-load credit and validity for EASI Tourist?

- New Easi Tourist
Easi Tourist SIM $15
SIM Validity 30 Days from activation
Pre-Load Main Credit $0.00
Pre-Load Bonus Credit $3 (Local Calls & SMS) Valid for 7 Days
Pre-Load Bonus Data 3GB (Local Data) Valid for 7 Days

+ 6. What services are available to me when I use the Easi Tourist SIM?

The Easi Tourist SIM can be used for:

Making and receiving voice calls; Short message services (SMS); and data services such as internet browsing or accessing email.

Data is charged as 'pay as you use' basis at B$ 0.20/MB or purchased more data add-ons via *133#

+ 7. How do I check my credit balance?

Simply type *102# on your mobile phone and press the SEND/call button.

+ 8. I need credit. How do I top-up?

To top up you will need to buy a recharge card from any store which sells our Easi card, indicated by an Easi logo signage or poster. Once you have bought your recharge card, simply type *103# 12 digit pin no.# and press the SEND/call button.

+ 9. Can I top up my SIM using another number?

Yes, you can top-up from another number as long as the other number is an active Easi prepaid simcard. Using that number, simply type *107# Your Easi 4G Tourist no, 12 digit pin no.# and press the SEND/call button.

+ 10. Can I use my Easi Tourist SIM to top-up any Easi 4G Tourist Number, Easi and GO!broadband prepaid number?

Yes, you can. Simply type *107# Easi 4G Tourist no, 12 digit pin no.# and press the SEND/call button.

+ 11. How do I check my last call details?

Simply type *104#and press the SEND/call button.

+ 12. How do I check my balance for the 3GB internet or $3 bonus?

To check, please call 151 on your mobile phone number and our call center representative will assist you.

+ 13. Will there be an SMS to notify me on my usage for the preloaded 3GB data?

You will receive an SMS notification message informing you have reached 50%, 80% and 100% of your preloaded 3GB data.

Sample Text“Dear Customer you have used 100% of your Preload Data. Please visit dstmbb.dst.com.bn to purchase Add On Data Package”

+ 14. What services are not available for the Easi Tourist SIM?

Credit transfer to other prepaid numbers

Roaming services

Validity accumulation via topup of credit. . This is only applicable to our standard Easi prepaid services.

No Bonus credit will be provided when you recharge. This is only applicable to our standard Easi prepaid services.

+ 15. Can I make International Direct Dialing (IDD) calls by using my Easi Tourist SIM ?

YES, you can make IDD calls by using our '00' or ’099’ published rates or IDD '095' at B$0.50, $0.70 per minute depending on the country. For more information on our International services including rates and charges please click here.

+ 16. Can my Easi 4G Tourist SIM be upgraded to Prima Line?

NO, your Easi Tourist Sim number cannot be upgraded or migrated to other Prima Postpaid Service.


+ What are the rates for Economy Call 095 Easi Tourist Sim?

View Economy Call 095 for Economy Call 95 Easi Tourist Sim.

+ What are the rates/tariffs plans for Easi Tourist SIM?

- New Easi Tourist Rate
Local Voice Calls


IDD Voice Calls

- IDD 00/IDD 099
- IDD 095
- All Incoming Calls

Published Rates
$0.50/MIN & $0.70/MIN
Data Add-Ons $3  - 200MB (3 days)
$5  - 400MB (6 days)
$10 - 1GB   (30 days)
$20 - 3GB   (30 Days)
SMS - Local
Local Data $0.20/MB
IDD Add-on packages $5 International Bundle - 50 SMS (14 Days)
$5 Indonesia 095 Super Saver - 20 MINS (7 Days)
$5 Philipines 095 Super Saver - 20 MINS (7days)
$10 Talk 095 Pocket Saver - 50 MINS 21 selected destinations (14days)

View Terms & Conditions for Easi prepaid mobile service