+ How and where can I purchase an Easi prepaid starter pack and recharge cards?

  • Easi 4G Mobile Starter Pack – At any DST branch, nationwide.
  • Easi Recharge Cards – At any DST branch and DST authorized vendors.

As a regulatory Control in Brunei Darussalam, it is a mandatory requirement to register all circulated Prepaid numbers at the point of purchase.

+ How can I register for an Easi prepaid plan?

Simply register at any DST branch by filling in the “Easi Registration form” and bring along your original identification card (I.C) or passport. No registration fee will be charged.

+ How do I perform the first activation on my Easi prepaid line?

You can activate your Easi Sim Card by making the first call to any number.

+ What happens if I do not register my Easi prepaid line?

Once the line is activated and no registration has been made, a PUSH SMS will be sent to you. You will be given a grace period of 7 days to register. Otherwise by the 8th working day, the line will be blocked until you register your line.

+ Is there a way for me to check my remaining credit balance, and how do I recharge, etc?

  • Show balance *102# and press the send/call button
  • Recharge *103*(12 digit PIN No.)# and press the send/call button
  • Last call details *104# and press the send/call button
  • Credit transfer 105*(Mobile No.)000# and press the send/call button
  • Show available Recharge Bonus *106# and press the send/call button
  • Top up any Easi 107* (Mobile / GO!broadband No.) 12digitpin# and press the send/call button
  • Credit Conversion *109# and press send/call button

For the recharge, subscriber is only allowed up to 3 attempts. If exceeded, the line will barred and they will need to call DSTCare 151 for assistance.

View Terms & Conditions for Easi prepaid mobile service.