A Bruneian Effort

No one has made such a significant and profound impact to the lives of so many as both a major player and a contributor as such as DST. For the last decade, DST has kept the fire of passion burning for the national sport of football with unwavering support and an ambitious vision.

One of the core focus areas of the DST’s Social Responsibility initiatives is positioning DST as a strong corporate brand with social values. Football is a language that has no boundaries. The love for the sport is echoed across lands of varied culture, religion and political systems. It is a global, unifying language that beats in the hearts of a huge portion of the 7 billion people that live on this planet. The 22-man, 90 minute sport is a game that can communicate through ages and bridge the gap between all walks of life. The shared passion for the sport allows individuals to find themselves in the company of people from all corners of life. This shared sense of cohesive admiration for the sport, especially here in Brunei Darussalam, provides DST with the right angle to contribute back to society. Their collaborations with various, main football associations ; National Football Association for Brunei Darussalam (NFABD) and the Veteran Football Association (VFA), provide the platform needed to make their vision of Brunei as country with a thriving football scene, a reality. The extent of the support DST provides for the sport of football in Brunei Darussalam permeates across all levels, and has been steadily increasing in effectiveness substantially every year from the grassroots level to the veterans.

Evident from the frenzy that gripped the nation following the victory of Brunei’s own National Team “Tebuans” (Wasps) in the esteemed Malaysia League finals of 1999, and the historical victory of the Brunei Under 21 youth team in the Hassanal Bolkiah Trophy finals in 2012, Brunei Darussalam has a culture seeped deeply with passion for the sport. And as a microcosmic representation of a global phenomenon, Brunei Darussalam is the perfect place for a football centric culture to thrive and grow.  In 2001 Brunei Darussalam in FIFA Best Global Standing in ranking position was 193 and within the span of 12, Brunei Darussalam moved to 182nd position in 2013. As it has done all these years, DST will not only continue to support Brunei football, but also explore meaningful to elevate the overall national benchmark related to the sport.

Looking forward

Through perseverance and dedication, DST aims to make their vision of a developed football scene here in the sultanate a living reality. Working close with all agencies, efforts are being made to develop every facility pertaining to the sport so players will someday, in the not too distant future, rival those of their international peers. With the implementation of standardised game play in place, the next step in their commitment is to elevate the position of Brunei in the FIFA rankings. By laying the foundation and building upon it by layers throughout the coming years, DST strives to raise the bar of the sport in the country to immeasurable heights.  In the coming years, DST hopes, that by working together with the official agencies Bruneian players and teams will no longer face the hindrance of competing in regional and international competitions. A solid framework has been laid and everyone involved is working hard to groom the next generation of winners and sportsmen. Together with the NFABD, DST hopes to leave its mark on the development of such a beloved aspect of Bruneian culture so generations from now, Brunei will be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with the best teams across the world.

Round the clock, DST is working overtime to bring the football experience to the international standard, even perhaps raising the standard here to the point that Brunei itself could play host to international and invitational championships for the neighbouring region. Stadiums, training grounds, tournaments and leagues are all in the pipeline, all in the effort to develop the sport in the country. The milestones are getting higher every year and so is the input. DST hopes to contribute to proportional increase in participation of tournaments locally and regionally, and has even set its sights to winning the AFC tournament in the coming years.  The unwavering support of DST for the sport has not gone unnoticed, from the posters and banners that carry their name, it is evident that the effort from them is nothing short of transparent.