Data Roaming Add-On Bundles


Frequently Asked Questions

+ What is the DST data roaming add-on bundle service?

DST Data Roaming Add-on (Data Roaming Bundle) is an ‘Opt in’ subscription based package for a fixed subscription charges, available whilst roaming ONLY in selected Mobile Network Operators of selected countries by PRIMA Mobile Subscribers.

+ I am a Prima postpaid subscriber but my roaming service isn't activated, would I be able to subscribe to the data roaming add-on bundle?

You are able to purchase DST Data Roaming Add-on if you have sufficient Credit Limit balance above $100. However, you would not be able to utilize the purchased Add-on unless your IDD & Roaming services is in active status. You must ensure your IDD & Roaming services is active before leaving the country to subscribe DST Data Roaming Add-on. You may call DSTCare 151 before your travel for assistance.

+ How does it work?

DST Data Roaming Add-on can be subscribed by dialing *410# where you will be directed to a Menu for available add-on. Please refer to the provided Steps to purchase.

+ I am a Prima Multi-SIM user, can I subscribe to data roaming add-on bundles on my supplementary SIM?

Yes, you can subscribe from your supplementary SIM. However, if you have subscribed from your Primary SIM, the data allowance will be combined and shared. Both Add-ons will be valid for 72 hours / 144 hours after the last purchased from any of the two SIM.

+ What are the validities of the data roaming add-on plans?

(a) 3-Day Plan validity is 72 hours after purchased regardless of the time zone. Example: If you purchased your Data Roaming Add-on in Malaysia at 1 pm it will expire the next 3 days by 1 pm Malaysian Time.

(b) 6-Day Plan validity is 144 hours after purchased regardless of the time zone.

+ What happens if my phone switches over to an unsubscribed network while overseas?

Your data roaming usage will be charged at the prevailing roaming rates. *Do remember to set your Mobile Network/Carrier setting to a ‘Manual’ mode and constantly monitor the mobile network availability.

+ How do I know the expiry date and time of my add-on?

  1. Keep the SMS notification received upon successful purchase to keep track or set as a reminder of the expiry time counted 72 hours / 144 hours after receiving the SMS.

  2. Manually record the date and time in case of late SMS notification and to be alert of your Data Roaming Add-on expiry.

+ Will I be alerted when my data roaming add-on bundle expires?

You need to monitor and be alert of the Add-on expiry. To complement, SMS Notification will be sent upon reaching 80%, 90% & 100% usage threshold. Please take note that the SMS Notification received dependent on the SMS load so you might not received it on time.

+ I am a Multi-SIM user, which SIM will receive the SMS alert?

You will receive the SMS alert on your Primary SIM. If you choose to use the supplementary SIM, please switch on your Primary SIM Mobile device with data roaming turned off, as you will receive SMS alert to your primary SIM.

+ I am a Multi-SIM user, how will I be billed and charged?

As a Multi-SIM user, you will be billed and charged separately for each SIM card in the Primary Accounts. For example: If you use both SIM cards to subscribe Data Roaming Add-on on the same day and incur $15/100MB for each SIM card on Malaysia DiGi, you will be charged $15 per day x 2 = $30 to your Primary Account.

+ What number do I call if I encounter any problems while using the international service while abroad?

If you are overseas, Please call our Customer Care at +6738987151 (Normal roaming charges apply).

+ How do I lodge a complaint or any disputes with regards to data roaming?

Any complaints and disputes can be lodged to DSTCare 151 or at any DST branches by providing the required details not later than 3 months after the incident.