Data Roaming Add-On Bundles

Staying connected online on your holidays is now easier than ever when you purchase data roaming add-on bundles, now available at more than 40 destinations!


Data Roaming Add-On Bundle Purchasing Guide


1. Dial *410#

2. From the MENU option, select (1) to purchase.

3. Select the roaming data add-on region list. (for example: Select (3) for ASEAN)

4. Select the roaming country. (for example: Select (3) for Malaysia)

5. Select your preferred mobile network operator of the country that you have selected.
(for example: select (1) for Maxis)

6. Select from one of the available plans. (for example: select (1) $5 for 20MB for 3 Days)

7. Upon selecting the plan, press (1) to confirm your purchase.

8. You will receive a notification informing you of the Add-on activation, and also an SMS.

Important Notes:
1. Any confirmed purchase cannot be cancelled or refunded.

2. The data roaming add-on validity is 72 hours or 144 hours after receiving the SMS notification. Remember to keep this SMS to set a reminder of your add-on validity.

2. Any remaining allowance will be forfeited upon expiry and any usage after add-on expiry will be charged at $1/MB. You may purchase another add-on by repeating Step 1- 3 before expiry to continuously use your remaining allowance.


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