Frequently Asked Questions


General Information

+ What is the DST Carnival?

The DST Carnival is the most anticipated annual event of the year organised by DST, Brunei’s leading info-telecommunications provider in the country. Each year DST brings together fun games and activities, promotions and more especially for its subscribers.

+ When and where is the DST Carnival?

The DST Carnival will be held 8th and 9th December 2018 at the Bridex Hall 2, Jerudong Park.

+ What are the DST Carnival opening hours?

The DST Carnival opening hours are from 10 am to 10 pm. Counter Services will be open until 9pm each night.

+ Is it free to enter the DST Carnival?

Yes, entry to the DST Carnival is free for both days.

+ At the DST Carnival 2018, what products and services will be offered?

A range of promotional offers will be at the DST Carnival!

Customers who enter the DST Carnival will be able to enjoy the following services:

Registration for DST and Kristal Astro services. Bill Payment for DST and Kristal Astro services. Payment for a range of devices, phones, laptops and accessories from DSTIncomm. Registration for DSTPlus loyalty program.

+ Where is parking available?

Visitors to the DST Carnival can park at the designated parking areas at Bridex.

However, due to various events taking place at the same time at the other halls in Bridex, customers are advised to take the shuttle bus which operates from Jerudong Park Amphitheatre to Bridex Hall 2 from 8 am to 11 pm

Parking at the paid parking area at Bridex will not be available as this will be used as a loading area for DST and its vendors.

However, if you are in need of special needs/disability care, please speak to a DST representative for quick access or easy access parking into the venue.

+ Are there any prayer areas at the DST Carnival?

DST is pleased to inform its visitors that prayer room facilities /”surau” wil lbe available at the DST Carnival. You may inquire at the infodesk at the DST Carnival for the location.

+ Is there a breastfeeding room available for mothers?

Yes the DST Carnival offers a breastfeeding room for mothers with children. You may inquire at the infodesk at the DST Carnival for the location.

+ In the event of an Emergency at the DST Carnival, is there a medical team available?

In the event of a medical emergency, please notify a DST employee who will call for assistance.


Lucky Draw

+ Who can participate in the Lucky Draw?

All DST (Prima, Easi & KA) active subscribers are eligible to participate.

+ How do I participate in the Lucky Draw?

To participate in the daily Lucky Draws, subscribers need to the lucky draw form provided each day at the DST Carnival info-desk, and answer all questions correctly to be eligible to enter the draw.

+ Can I participate if my Prima account has been barred?

Yes. Customers will still be able to participate in the lucky draw.

+ What if my account with DST was terminated during the carnival period?

If, at any time during the carnival, any customer account is terminated, his lucky draw form will still be valid.

+ How many entries can one customer submit for the Lucky Draw each day?

DST customers shall be entitled to one (1) lucky draw chance per day only

+ How will the customer know that he/she has won a prize during the Lucky Draw Consolation or Grand Lucky Draw?

The Lucky Draw winner’s questionnaire serial number and name will be announced on stage during the draw.

+ What if the winner is not around to collect the prize?

If the winner does not come to stage to collect the prize after the announcement, DST has the right to select the next winner at our absolute discretion.

+ Can the winner exchange the prize for cash or other products?

No. All prizes are non-transferable, non-exchangeable for cash or any other kind whether in part or in full.

+ Are there any age restrictions to participate?

All registered DST subscribers (18 and over) are eligible to participate.

+ Would the customers still be qualified for another draw if he/she did not win the 1st draw?

The draw will be conducted daily for 2 days. The non-winning entries for the 1st draw during the day will still be eligible for the Final draw for that day only. The entries will not be brought to the next day.