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Commissioned in July 1999, DST Fascom is a service provider of nationwide two-way trunk radios in Brunei Darussalam. DST Fascom provides facilities for trunked business communications for companies with inter-communication needs to manage field operations & mobile teams, such as air freight, courier & package delivery companies.

DST Fascom is now offering their latest digital trunk radios which included the Handheld IS model G660, Handheld Non ISmodel G880 and Mobile Radio base GV620D. Digital trunked radios include graphical user interface, instant access to users, nationwide coverage according to the package subscribed to and no recurring airtime costs, allowing flexibility and unlimited talk-time on the device. These models also present digital LCD screens equipped with network and coverage information for the users’ visual ease.

Newly revised trunk radio service rental packages are introduce for new and existing customers. Customers can subscribe for packages in the form of Bronze (B$25/month), Silver (B$35/month), Gold (B$45/month) and Platinum (B$55/month) categories. Each category is assigned coverage for particular sites and districts and the higher the package subscribed to, the wider the coverage provided. A new value added service that provides private calling facilities is also available at B$5/month. Customers who subscribe to the Platinum Package can get this value added service for free for 6 months.

DST Fascom have also introduced short term tariffs for rental of 15 days or less within blocks of 3 days. The popular 3 day wedding package has also been revised where customers can rent 5 trunk radio sets for B$120 for any 3 consecutive days. Previously, customers could only rent for 3 consecutive days during weekends.

Another special discount promotion introduced by DST Fascom for their customers is the Long Term Contract Package based on the subscription of a large volume of trunk radio sets of more than 25 sets together with the Platinum Package at B$55/month and subject to a minimum of 2 years contract. Customers will enjoy free rental and service fees for 12 months for a specific number of sets according to the large volume of sets they subscribe to. For rental of 26-30 trunk radio sets, customers will enjoy free trunk radio rental and service fees for 4 trunk radio sets; for rental of 31-35 trunk radio sets customers will enjoy free trunk radio rental and service fees for 5 trunk radio sets; And for 36 or more trunk radio sets, customers will enjoy free trunk radio rental and service fees for 6 trunk radio sets.

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